yesterday was… special.

first, my heart stopped for a minute when I glanced at the Hogwarts Castle in Islands of Adventure. what I felt in that moment can’t be explained or defined. I can only say it’s the best feeling in the world, and that I can’t wait to come back in july so I can go inside it and enjoy everything The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can offer me.

then, when we were at my favorite mall, I shopped for my very first LV bag. a 30″ Speedy, perfect for my size, perfect for my life.

yesterday was memorable.

One thought on “yesterday

  1. ver o castelo de Hogwarts logo que se entra no parque, depois vê-lo de novo de pertinho, e não poder entrar é a idéia deles de tortura. eu tenho certeza.
    Senti isso também… Mas foi maravilhoso. Tenho certeza que ainda volto só pra ir lá…


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