stop bullying

“If you or someone you know has ever been a victim of any kind of bullying, whether it’s verbal harassment, physical abuse or cyber bullying RT this right now. If you want to end this, make it the number one trending topic. This is so serious.. YOUNG people are taking their own lives from the pain they are suffering from. This is not something you ignore. SAVE LIVES in YOUR school. Please make everyone aware of this. The world needs to realize this will never end unless WE do something about it. PLEASE RETWEET:#STOPBULLYING #STOPBULLYING #STOPBULLYING.” by Demi Lovato

#StopBullying please help stop bullying. Don’t be mean to other kids. Bullying leads to severe depression. Bullying leaves scars for life. I was bullied at school. That’s the reason why I changed schools in the middle of my 1st year in high school. TRUE STORY. #StopBullying I consider myself a winner cause I survived bullying. I was able to live through it, could change schools, had family support. #StopBullying Bullying is a reality everywhere. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the USA, Brazil, Serbia, Finland, Nairobi, China: YOU GOTTA HELP#StopBullying” by me

bullying não é nada pequeno. bullying é coisa seria.

seja contra. impeça. defenda quem está sendo agredido.

assuma uma posição. opte pela postura certa.

parem com o bullying.

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